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  • Robert Burrink

Continuing with Communication

With Communication being a key part of our focus this year, I want to share some tips I recently learned from communication expert, Steve Yastrow. These are focused on customer interactions and, if practiced, can lead to building relationships so strong that customers will not want to go anywhere else. With that, here is a very condense 6-point list of how to improve every customer interaction.

1) Think Input Before Output- Let everything you say or do be informed by what you hear and observe.

2) Size Up The Scene- As you listen and observe, take stock of your customer's character and situation to determine the best course for persuading this particular customer.

3) Create a Series of "Yeses"- A conversation only moves forward if both parties continually agree to let it move forward (At its core, a conversations is a series of "yeses").

4) Explore and Heighten- As you engage your customer, look for ways to take your conversations to a higher level. Explore to find what your customer really cares about and then heighten by discussing why those things are important.

5) Focus the Conversation on Your Customer- resist the temptation to talk too much about your company or your products. Instead, have a conversation that is mostly about your customer.

6) Do Not Rush the Story- Your customer won't be ready to hear your ideas as fast as you come up with them. Let the story emerge through your conversation, at a pace your customer can accept.

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